1911 Black and Red Tiger Stripe Pattern Stingray Holster Without Spine

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The uniqueness of the stingray has an eye appealing glow and beaded pattern that shows off its natural look!

When looking at this stingray holster you will notice there are NO metal fasteners or rivets that would constrict the movement of the holster! This holster will bend, flex and form to your body, which allows comfort during the time of carrying your weapon.

As you will see both the inside of the back and the inside of the front are padded.

Then the inside is entirely lined with lambskin. The edges are wrapped, rolled and then top stitched to finish off the sleekness of the Stingray Holster!!!

When you purchase your new Stingray Holster I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had building it for you.

This entire holster's Materials Support 11 US companies and are 100% American supplies.