1911 Cognac Gator Embossed Cowhide Holster

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This Premium Select Cognac Holster is strategically selected from the embossed gator on cowhide leather. Many people love EMBOSSED GATOR LEATHER COWHIDE, but few take the time to utilize that ONE special cut you get from this hide. We take great pride in bringing you this.

This Cognac Gator Embossed Cowhide Holster was built/made for a person wanting something different. This is a High End Holster that will Enhance and show you the beauty of your own pistol.

This Holster is uniquely made. It is padded and totally lined with Lambskin, for a very smooth pull. Also the edges have been sewn, the Lambskin is then stitched to the Holster, then rolled over the edge, then beautifully top-stitched with Heavy Duty Nylon Thread.

Everything used in building this piece of Art is 100% USA made. When this holster is purchased you will be supporting 10 US Companies.

This Holster is built with Strength in mind, and also for the most ultimate comfort for the person wearing this everyday! Notice there is NO METAL or Hardware that ever touches your body. With that in mind, it allows the holster to bend and form to your body for tremendous comfort when you wear this piece of Art. It also has the PULL THE DOT Safety Snaps for secure comfort and peace of mind, knowing your holster is safely secured.

The Front of this Holster is showing you the beautiful Backbone/Spine, which gives it another accentuating look. When looking at the Back of the Holster it shows you the smoothness of the Belly, which also gives you beauty as well as tremendous comfort.