Black Sharkskin High Rise Safety Holster

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The Black Sharkskin High Rise Safety Holster is rare and unique.
Sure there many other ones out there, but nothing such as this work of art. THIS SAFETY HOLSTER WILL FIT MANY TYPES OF PISTOLS, with a rectangular rail. Such as the Glock and Sig/Saur, Springfield XD, Smith & Wesson, 45, 40 Caliber just to name a few! So instead of having 3 or 4 or more Holsters, this is a Safety Holster that provides many of your handguns.

So if you are looking for a top end Holster that protects your weapon, this is the Holster for you! If you are looking for an economy or get-me-by holster this is NOT for you! This is a holster that can be passed down for generations to come.

Our Black Sharkskin Safety Holster is not only lined, for a secure fit on your belt the safety holster clip is riveted into place. The holster is then padded, then the safety holster clip is sewn into place. Then the entire holster is lined with beautiful lambskin, to protect your weapon, as well as giving your pistol a very smooth draw.

Then all the edges are wrapped with lambskin, then rolled over the edge and top stitched in place, to give it a 1st Class look!!