Razor Design

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With this eye-catching and beautifully hand-tooled guitar strap, it will be a compliment to your guitar as you enjoy the look and feel, knowing it is made from top grade leather. Our exclusive “Razor” design will not be found elsewhere. The strap is backed with soft chocolate brown suede to give added comfort. Sewn with extremely strong nylon thread, recessed stitching to maximize durability. The width is measured at 2 1/4 inches wide.

By clicking on the pictures below you will discover the exquisite hand tooling of our Leather Artist.

All of our straps are Made In The USA in Michigan. Using only the finest quality materials, we also stand behind every strap we produce. This Professional Quality Strap is unmatched and is made to last for years. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance and you will not be disappointed. Money back guarantee.

One feature exclusive to us, you will not find on any other guitar strap available today with our style Cinch-Lock adjustment. This adjustment system gives you the flexibility to adjust your strap from 39-55 inches. Most other straps allow for adjustment, but once the Cinch-Lock strap is adjusted, it locks and prevents the tail of the strap from shifting and sliding while you are playing.