Genuine Leather Premium Gator Embossed Cowhide Dobro/Banjo Strap

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This Gator Embossed Cowhide Banjo/Dobro Strap is designed for the serious player, or someone that wants simply the Best. The Best Look for your Best or Favorite Banjo/Dobro instrument. This Strap has been built with a Gator Pattern Embossed on Cowhide, and is strategically selected for the center of the Strap. We take great pride in bringing you this. Enhanced Edging is done entirely with Rolled Lambskin Leather, then it is topstitched. Notice the Detail of the stitching that is done completely around the entire narrow adjustable straps to give you peace of mind that it has been built for strength so it can support the heaviest of instruments. We only use Heavy Duty Nylon Thread in our products.

The Main body of the Banjo/Dobro strap is padded to provide comfort, it measures 2 ½” x 34”. The Adjustment Straps, located on either end, can reach out as far as 68” total. For your comfort and also securing your strap to your instrument.