Tiger Pattern Red and Black Stingray Rifle Sling

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It is very rare to see and find a Rifle Sling especially when the entire body and tail is made from Stingray! Just gorgeous! As well as the entire edges are wrapped with Lambskin to enhance the rareness of it and to top that, it is also double top-stitched with nylon thread to show off with extra beauty! Stingray is The Toughest skin of leather on the earth!!!

So when you want to have something very unique and rare, this is the Rifle Sling for you, Tiger Pattern Stingray Rifle Sling! When you own a Rare Weapon, Compliment it with the Best!

This Rifle Sling is padded as well as it is adjustable from 26.5" to 43" The screw post put in the Rifle Sling are oxidized to prevent rusting.